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 ECE Apprenticeship

The Pathway To Career Success and Sustainability

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Because ECE Providers are more than just playing with children...

Early Education Career Institute values the work of the early childhood educator and the unique role they have in children's lives. We have curated an apprenticeship program that is certified by the US Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship, EECI's approved National Guideline Standards (NGS) preserves the historic role of the Early Childhood Educator in a fun and play-filled industry whose paramount responsibility is the care and education of young people.  

  • The course is an Enriched Virtual Course integrated with theory, child development best practices and practical strategies, 144 instructional hours.

  • Course work is provided using classroom technology, intentional teaching practices, and flipped learning techniques to aid high school students and adults through successful use of online learning tools.

  • Each program includes Instructor led instruction webinar, live interaction, mock interview, portfolio help and test prep. 

  • Our Hired Apprentices earn a higher industry wage for on-the-job training for 2000 hours while work in a center based or family childcare program. 

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JumpStart Your ECE Career Pathway Through EECI Apprenticeship

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No Debt Learning May Be Available To:

  • CTE Students

  • Individuals In Foster Care or Aged Out of Foster Programs

  • Those experiencing Homelessness

  • SNAP benefit recipients

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Participants

  • Veterans 

  • WIOA Participants

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