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The Early Educator's Career Hub

An Early Education Career Institute Service

As a respectable Adult Education School, Early Education Career Institute takes great pride in every course we teach. Since 2003 our educators have created highly interactive and engaging, enjoyable credential opportunities that has made us extremely popular among Adult and Secondary Education Schools. We have been coined a trusted resource used by administrators, practitioners and owners to stay compliant since 2003.


Remote and Rural Classes

"The best choice I made for my staff, we rarely have external Face to Face opportunities. I am impressed by the committed instructional team that came to our community to teach ECE credential prep" are consistent comments from admin teams. Since 2019 we have been hitting the street providing high quality ECE instruction to remote communities.  98% of our face-to-face learners are Native American Tribal communities and Head Start Programs across the US. Our micro credential courses create a fast track to meeting career goals, keeping local, state and federal programs compliant.

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Online Course

Our unique self-guided online course pathway is a great option for the early childcare techy. It is a stepped-out guide with consistent learning outcomes proven to lead to credential success. Since 2003 our instructional designers have set out to ensure our learners have the most updated Educational Technology in the industry. Our vocational learners participate in highly engaging learning paths with live instructional guidance weekly. You may even upgrade to participate in appointment based one-on-one virtual instruction support.


Face To Face Institute and Workshop

More than just educational techs since 2003 we have bridged the learning gap through blended, hybrid and workshop learning opportunities face to face. We are innovative and work hard to remove access barriers to excellent educational experiences and are advocates for quality. We create workforce solutions through Apprenticeship and Work base learning by partnering with CTE programs, employer sponsors, WIOA and State Workforce Human Service programs to create affordable and free career readiness opportunities which grow and reskill staff teams. We train ECE Workforce Hub staff to be supportive while capturing the career milestones of ECE laborers.

We believe all early care and education teachers can embrace who they are,can define their future, and can change the world.

Shawntel Green SME, Founder

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1001 Washington St, Columbia, SC 29201, USA

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