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Our Institute's Career and Tech Center Serves the Early Childhood Educator Needs

At Early Education Career Institute, we specialize in providing the knowledge and resources needed to start a career in early childhood education. Our courses are designed to help you develop the skills and understanding necessary to successfully work in the field of early childhood education.

What makes us unique is our Registered Apprenticeship Program, recognized by the US Department of Labor. This program provides hands-on experience and mentoring to help you become a successful early childhood education professional. With our help, you can start a fulfilling career in early childhood education.



  • Adult learners must be currently registered with WIOA, Snaps 2 Work, or Aspiring to be an Early Childhood Educator, director or owner.

  • Youth Apprentice Priority will be granted to those enrolled in an Art, Secondary School, IB Board,  Vocational, Home School, Cyber and/or Charter School and Adult Ed Program 


Programs Offered:


Entrepreneur Leadership Program: (Middle and High School, Adults) (On-Going Opportunity) 

  • Entrepreneur Leadership Goals to Support  STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, math)  based Criteria. Students receive  curriculum requirements to include financial literacy,  financial mathematics, financial markets, and advanced budgeting support. It also adds concentration program management and Home Visitation for students who want to further specialize their ECE career. These are the changes that helped students meet the standard for the STEAM designation.

  • Learners participate in opportunities to showcase their businesses and talents throughout the year.

  • Artists become advocates for their academic needs, business and career related goals early through online platforms such as blogs, YouTube and participate in legislation efforts to expand and discuss art needs. 

  • Program supports artists with display, business, marketing, portfolio building by matching them with mentors from the community. 


Early Childhood Educator US DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program: (High School, Adults) (On-Going Opportunity)

At Early Education Career Institute, we strive to prepare the next generation of early childhood educators. Our Early Childhood Educator Registered Apprenticeship Program offers individuals a comprehensive approach to learning the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful early educators. Through our program, apprentices will learn from the best, gain hands-on experience and build a strong foundation for a successful career in the field. With our guidance, you can gain the skills and confidence needed to become a highly sought-after early childhood educator.

Let's Make A Change Together.

Inform. Recruit. Support. Retain

Our organization makes every effort to support career and vocational scholars in building career, leadership and entrepreneurship through Apprenticeship and Innovative Career Based Learning Opportunities.

Aspiring ECE Providers Enroll In An Apprenticeship Opportunity Today

We offer National US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program Certificates For Admin and Direct Care Providers

Center Directors Partner With Us To Ensure You Can Always Offer Low Cost CDA Credential Prep To New Employees

Ask Us About Affordable 6 Week Virtual Cohorts

Innovation in ECE Pathway for Aspiring Professionals. We Strive To Provide A Journey of Discovery and Education

 Not sure what pathway is best for you or your staff just give us a call! Tel: 833-467-9997

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