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Our Institute's Career and Tech Center Serves Our Local Community Needs

The Early Education Career Institute is registered as a Vocational Institute with SC Path and WIOA. We offer a local Career and Technology Center To Art, Career and Technology  Students. We have expanded our opportunities to support the remote technology needs of our local middle school and high school students.


At our Columbia Campus we offer available workstations, family work pods and a quiet place with great internet for students and career oriented adults with low technology needs. We have an expansive art pod for visual art students, a studio for dance and theater students.

Local Columbia School Students:

Individuals must be currently enrolled in an Art, Secondary School, IB Board,  Vocational, Home School, Cyber and/or Charter School. 


Programs Offered:


Entrepreneur Leadership Program: (Middle and High School, Adults) (On-Going Opportunity) 


  • Entrepreneur Leadership Goals to Support  STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts, math)  based Criteria. Students receive  curriculum requirements to include financial literacy,  financial mathematics, financial markets, and advanced budgeting support. It also adds concentration program management and Home Visitation for students who want to further specialize their ECE career. These are the changes that helped students meet the standard for the STEAM designation.

  • Learners participate in opportunities to showcase their businesses and talents throughout the year.

  • Artists become advocates for their academic needs, business and career related goals early through online platforms such as blogs, YouTube and participate in legislation efforts to expand and discuss art needs. 

  • Program supports artists with display, business, marketing, portfolio building by matching them with mentors from the community. 

It is the overall goal of the institute to bridge the academic and career gaps that prevent a successful transition from school to career for some artist and vocational students. We advocate for the vocational needs of learners and equitable evaluation of learners with different learning needs and academic values.

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Our organization makes every effort to support career and vocational scholars in building leadership, entrepreneurship and skills.

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EECI International

EECI is the ECE division of TIPS for Child Care Institute and specially designed to foster ECE teachers with little to no exposure to traditional higher education. We are committed to maintaining affordability to support individuals and agencies employing individuals with limited resources needing credential and ECE competency support. All courses implement free research-based elements with the use of best practices in each instructional opportunity. Our learners leave with ECE Competency and the soft skills needed to be successful throughout their academic and professional career. We are a SC Charity registered nonprofit Public Id: P58864 Group dual language classes offered upon request (Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic)

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