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Education Manager Credential

Education Manager Credential

This is a  12 module series to support you in supporting your staff through credential readiness success. Each agency must participate in this program once prior to supporting the credential support process.


Sessions include:

  • On-boarding Staff with ECE Safety Essentials
  • Special Education Overview
  • Respecting Differences: Supporting Adult Learning and Dual Language Learners
  • Theory In Practice Strategies
  • DAP Overview, Making Connections
  • Ethics Overview
  • Competency and Qualification (Head Start Hiring Standard)
  • Leadership That Works
  • TIPS Certified Trainer (National Credential Instructor)


Participants learn not only how to conduct training but how to write outlines and format content for state registries, utilize strategies that will engage adult learners and aid in skill mastery, produce content outcomes that can be implemented and result in successful adult - child interaction, emotional competence and non-cognitive soft skill necessary to support employee competency and qualification.


Tech Booster:

We are the only company teaching how to use an LMS platform and will support you in building your own onboarding training institute. We are a supportive company ensuring industry gurus like you continue to maintain your technical skills while supporting providers in their day to day tasks.


  • Participants learn how to use, create courses, understand compliance and administrative rights of a Learning Management System of your choice
  • Hands on interaction and mastery of training child development practices for adult learners via online webinar platform.
  • Participants will exhibit mastery of techniques to engage adult learners via Screen presentation understanding the variants and impact of adult learners in all classroom formats.


Who should participate:

  • Education Coordinators
  • Trainers of ECE content
  • Directors seeking to train staff
  • Organizations responsible for providing training to providers or parents.
  • Anyone seeking to enhance current training program.
  • Individuals and organizations seeking to better understand learning platforms using technology.


Additional Information:

All candidates must participate, complete assignments and certify. The TIPS certification train the trainer course is with a live instructor. You must have child development trainer, coach or supervisory background and/or relevant experience. TIPS Certified trainers will be eligible to teach our Unique Training Model meeting the 120 Clock Hours to CDA Transcript Criteria.


** Optional Enhancement Essentials: TIPS 101, 6 Instructor Led Webinar Sessions, Online Trainer Instruction, TIPS Train the Trainer Certification, 3 Signature Do It Yourself TIPS for Child Care Institute, Virtual Practice for Child Development Training for Training Parties, Technical Support, Business 101, TOCLASS Access, Affiliate Distributor Benefits and 5 Free One year Memberships For TIPS for Child Care Institute Online Training for your Participants. This Package Prepares You To Hit The Ground Running! Purchase fee will be discussed.


This Institute Is Available As An Online Class Call 833-467-9997  for individual or group options.


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