What Are TIPS for Child Care Institute Acknowledgements, Highlights and Partnerships?

Over the course of 16 years TIPS for Child Care Institute has made an effort to ensure any agencies investing in their staff along with individual students registering to take classes and courses with are entering into an institute with sound recognition. Although many programs in Early Care do not credential or provide endorsement we make sure we have followed all local and national programming training, vocational and instructional processes for a career institute.

Here are a few highlights and timelines of our commitment:

  • Registered with SC-CCCCD 2003

  • SC Path/ WIOA Vocational Provider 2017

  • CDA Alliance Partner September 2017

  • Supported the success of Over 150 Successful EHS CCP CDA's (Supported round one grantees of CCP in over 20 county programs statewide and nationally to include CAP programs in GA, IL and new grantees in SC, FL, WA, MD, MA)

  • 100% Successful completion of CDA Credential Candidates for Pre-K, Infant/Toddler and Family Child Care  since 2015

  • 98% Successful completion of Home Visitor CDA (with tips program completion) Since 2017

  • Academic Abandonment at an all time low at 12% for 2019 (Peace of Mind Re-enrollment options to support recovery)

  • Recovery of students at 88% (dropped and returned)

  • Working Parents with Newborns to complete at 89% with 9 successful CDA Credentials in 2019

  • Over $50,000 of In-Kind Contribution to CAP, Head Start Agencies and Early Head Start

  • Partnered with WIOA, local DSS offices, CCFD, HHS grantees, and other private programs to provide discount rates and Scholarships for Family Child Care and EHS CCP Contracted Center Employees to support grantees throughout the nation faced with with budget challenges and were unable to support contractors.

  • Created #wagethedifference hashtag to provide awareness of the wage challenge and barriers of highly qualified practitioners in the early care industry throughout the world. through LinkedIn

  • Created the Early Education Career Institute to focus on supporting practitioners throughout the world in affordable and accessible credential readiness.

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EECI International

EECI is the ECE division of TIPS for Child Care Institute and specially designed to foster ECE teachers with little to no exposure to traditional higher education. We are committed to maintaining affordability to support individuals and agencies employing individuals with limited resources needing credential and ECE competency support. All courses implement free research-based elements with the use of best practices in each instructional opportunity. Our learners leave with ECE Competency and the soft skills needed to be successful throughout their academic and professional career. We are a SC Charity registered nonprofit Public Id: P58864 Group dual language classes offered upon request (Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic)

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