Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Child Care shortages are on the rise as Countries define their Child Care Policies..

Do you have the competence and qualifications necessary to support a growing industry in your Country? As families are being supported through Parental Leave Policies employers are being mandated to support their employee's financially in obtaining quality child care.

TIPS for Child Care Institute offers adult vocational classes online to support Approach Base and Theory In Practice Strategies, Onboarding and Essential foundation classes to child care practitioners around the world.

With the growing need for child care practitioners credential readiness is intensifying. Foundation courses for workers who have not achieved higher level learning is a growing concern as early years instructors are not compensated enough to support university fees. Entering into an industry that does not pay enough to financially wipe out the debt of the financial investment of a higher level education is growingly becoming a reality for many individuals entering the early care and learning industry. Leaving many practitioners and employers with the responsibility to #wagethedifference.


When a practitioner has to make a choice to earn a wage versus spend money to invest in higher education to master the duties of their employment they must wage the difference. The difference between the financial burdens of returning to school, accepting loans, investing in child care and supportive services necessary to be successful while they participate in class and study. As creative as many programs have become in providing flexibility with schools designed for the working adults, the child care industry still falls short. As an institute we have vowed to lower prices, provide high quality learning opportunities and support students with little to no exposure to research-based best practice training to further expand their learning of teaching.

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EECI International

EECI is the ECE division of TIPS for Child Care Institute and specially designed to foster ECE teachers with little to no exposure to traditional higher education. We are committed to maintaining affordability to support individuals and agencies employing individuals with limited resources needing credential and ECE competency support. All courses implement free research-based elements with the use of best practices in each instructional opportunity. Our learners leave with ECE Competency and the soft skills needed to be successful throughout their academic and professional career. We are a SC Charity registered nonprofit Public Id: P58864 Group dual language classes offered upon request (Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic)

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