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Stress No More...Tai Chi

Stress be gone with  these amazing Tai Chi Techniques

Early Education Career Institute offers Stress No More ...Tai Chi courses. These classes offer stress management techniques to support our industry practitioners. These low impact strategies provide overall wellness weekly via zoom to practitioners across the nation. Instructional courses also include opportunities for providers to participate in Health and Safety classes, Blood Borne Pathogens and CPR/First Aid.

Tai Chi Practice Outdoors



Reinforcing our Commitment

Providers participate in a voluntary weight loss challenge for a span of 8 weeks. The challenge includes regular weigh-ins and support such as nutrition education. 3 sections of winners are determined by the pounds, percent body weight, or body fat lost. This is a good place to start your fitness journey. A lot of the focus will be on nutrition.


One Step at a Time

At the Early Education Career Institute, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing this issue of fitness. Walking challenges are a good entryway into fitness and a smart way to jumpstart your wellness goals. This challenge can be done from anywhere in the world. Participants earn a reward points for walking a certain number of steps every day for a set period, and a raffle entry for every 15,000 steps walked in a 24 hour period.


Step It Up

Team challenges can foster a sense of community and motivate people to a common purpose. Participants work towards the group goals. Groups of Early Care Practitioners sign up from across the globe and compete to meet a common group goal. We track the groups, group results can be found on our membership forums. This could be a fun way to connect with others, build long lasting healthy friendships with others while earning amazing group perks.

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