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Reinforcing our Commitment

In 2016 it was reported "half of America's childcare workers need food stamps, welfare payments or Medicaid". As an effort to support recruitment and retention in ECE we recognize food insecurity and wellness can be barriers to maintaining sustainable employment.  With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for dealing with this challenge.  Contact us to learn more about our Farm to ECE and KeyFit Programs as a commitment to this cause.

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Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

Project Give Them life is a brown bag initiative to support the healthy lifestyles of the early care essential workers. It is our way of supporting your efforts and  promote wellness through proper nutrition and balanced diets. It has been known that a healthy diet is essential and necessary to support a strong immune system and build physical stamina.



Get Your Garden Started

From Garden to Table allows practitioner to recieve start up plants and/or seeds to begin container gardens for their homes and schools. Gardening Benefits include a reduced anxiety around food insecurities. 

Tai Chi Practice Outdoors

Stress Be Gone ... Tai Chi 

Beginners Level Tai Chi Course with Stress Management Techniques

Early Education Career Institute offers low impact fitness classes to providers. Instructional courses also include opportunities for providers to techniques to manage stress quickly and to support young learners. This course can be booked via Zoom as a course or as a conference workshop or add-on for your staff. 

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