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Bridging the Academic Achievement Gap

At the Early Education Career Institute, we are dedicated to stepping up our efforts in addressing issues of competence and qualification. Career Readiness is by no means an easy feat, but through access and affordability we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We provide on-going credential and career competence courses. Local courses on our campus or through the use of our remote courses as we are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.


Supporting Blended, Virtual and Hybrid Learning Experiences Since 2003


SC Endeavors and Foster Hours

Course Delivery Option: Your Site, Synchronous (Zoom)

As an educational institute we realize online and remote learning is not for everyone.  Since 2003 our institute has supported the local center and family child care community through providing live face-to face instructional opportunities recognized by SC DSS licensing standards and documented through the SC transcript workforce registry. Our courses are interactive, with clear objectives and strategies to support your day one implementation. 

Topic Areas

  • Blood Borne Pathogens

  • Curriculum Activities

  • Child Growth & Development

  • Child Guidance

  • Health & Safety

  • Professional Development

  • Program Administration

  • Special Needs

  • Professionalism

Online Learning.


Offered: Blended, Hybrid, Your Site, Via Zoom

Early Education Career Readiness Credential 

TIPS for Child Care Institute, Inc. offers an innovative child development associate credential readiness program. The course includes courses with a live instructor. Classes offer a diversified curriculum of 120 Clock Hours of ECE, portfolio support, and test prep. 100% success rate for Credentials Awarded upon completion.

  • Early Care and Learning Certificate

  • Home Visitor CDA Credential

  • Infant Toddler CDA Credential

  • Pre-School CDA Credential

  • Family Child Care CDA Credential

  • MSA CDA Credential 

  • TIPS  Nursery Peace of Mind Certificate

  • TIPS Pre-Primary Teacher Training

  • Approach Based Teacher Credential

Where Our Alumni Work...

  • CDI Rockaway Beach Head Start

  • DDI Advantage

  • Denise Louie Education Center EHS

  • First Steps South Carolina EHS

  • Lancaster First Steps EHS

  • Charleston County First Steps EHS

  • Tallatoona Community Action Partners

  • ELWHA Head Start

  • Spartanburg County First Steps EHS

  • North Atlanta Pre-School

  • Memphis Head Start

  • Holly Area School District

  • Kaizen Academy for Little Scholars

  • Promise Early Education

  • East Bronx Daycare Center

  • Hebrew Academy of New York City

  • Head Start of EOU

  • Webcam Daycare


  • Head Start

  • CDI Head Start

  • YMCA Head Start Academy

  • Moore Community House

  • Webster and Claiborne Parish Head Start

  • Susan E Wagner Victory Day Center

  • Calhoun Early Childhood Center

  • Central Arkansas Montessori

  • U.C.P. Butterfly Learning Center

  • Merry Moppet

  • Fort Belknap Tribal EHS/Head Start*

  • Nez Perce Tribal EHS/Head Start 

  • Red Lake Tribe Head Start*

  • Spokane Tribe Head Start*

  • South Carolina Associate Community Action Partner*

  • Pawley Island Child Care Center*



Students from our program employed in these centers have successfully earned their CDA Prep

*Pending CDA Completion Status


Ask About Our One-Week Intensive, we will come to you!

Early Education Career Certifications
Offered: Asynchronous, Blended, Self-Guided

Our students love our live instructional opportunities. Our institute webinars are online seminars that are Synchronous. We allow you as a participant to connect in virtual classrooms with peers and your instructors. As a learner you are required to participate for course credit via polls, chat and peer to peer engagement opportunities. These are awesome platforms to gain course clarity.


Topic Areas:

  • Code of Ethics and Professionalism

  • CSEFEL Series

  • Growth and Development

  • Special Education

  • Early Education Career Competency

  • Program Administration Credential

  • Early Education Trainer Competency

  • Instructional Design

  • Educational Website Design

  • Content Creation for Early Education and Care

  • CDA Credential Renewal

  • Stress Be Gone...Tai Chi** (New Live Courses) 

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