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4464 Devine St STE M Columbia, SC 29205  |   833-467-9997

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Shawntel Green

Columbia SC

Co-Founder - Instructional Designer/ Head Start, Online Program Coordinator 

Charles Smith

Columbia, MO

Program Coordinator/ Face To Face, Hybrid, Virtual Instructor Designer

Billie Green Smith

Columbia, SC

Director of Enrollment- Compliance

Imani Capers


Data Entry Clerk - Clerical

Jyana Crosby

Charlotte, NC

CDA Face to Face, Hybrid Instructor

Richard Smith

Dallas, TX

IT/ Instructional Design and Platform Help Desk

Maizelin Knowles 

Brooklyn, NY

Harvest Professional Services Alliance Partner, NYC EIP Coordinator, SAC, FCC, CDA Instructor 

Teresa McDermott

Education For Change Alliance Partner, Adjunct Instructor, Hybrid, Online, CDA Instructor, NJ

Bakari Capers

Columbia, SC

Teen Attendee/ CTE Youth Advisor

Our institute instructors and staff are dedicated and committed to ensuring quality services that are individualized to meet our learners needs. We are innovative in strategies and outside of the box thinkers. We are trailblazers of  blended learning models since 2003 and have offered concurrent, face2face,  hybrid and online stand alone courses with successful outcomes in Early Education among adult learners for program staff through various learning platforms. 

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