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Early Education Career Institute, the division of TIPS for Child Care Institute is an Early Childcare Education Career Institute. We seek to foster the development of early child development and adult learners throughout their entire education. We are a student focused institute, our teaching community is made up of a group of talented and creative professionals, who are passionate about creating the best Early Childhood Vocational School with a focus on Praxis Based strategies.


As an Institute of Study Early Care and Learning we offer the tools and support necessary for our adult learners to reach their full potential. We adopt and implement the use of research and evidence based course and framework into every instructional package. We hold our students to the highest standard of excellence, a TIPS Certified teacher has demonstrated mastery of early learning competence prior to applying for their Credential Status. Every students process is manually reviewed with a dialogue of areas of strengths and improvement our instructors build and support them in maximizing on their full professional potential.

Acknowledgments, Highlights and Partnerships:

  • Registered with SC-CCCCD Since 2003

  • SC Path/ WIOA Vocational Provider Since 2017

  • CDA Alliance Partner September 2017

  • Over 1000 Successful EHS CCP CDA's

  • 99% Successful completion of CDA Credential Candidates for Pre-K, Infant/Toddler and Family Child Care  since 2015

  • 98% Successful completion of Home Visitor CDA Since 2017

  • Academic Abandonment at an all time low at 6% for 2022

  • Recovery of students at 88% (dropped and returned)

  • Working Parents with Newborns to complete at 89% in 2019

  • US Department of Labor National Registered Apprenticeship Program Since 2022

  • Over 60 Completed US Department of Labor ECE Apprentices to date

  • Over 50 Active Apprentice To Date Nationwide

We believe all early care and education teachers can embrace who they are,can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Early Education Career Institute is a high-quality education services business dedicated to providing childcare workers with the training they need to succeed in their careers. Our mission is to provide low cost training and learning opportunities to childcare workers, including US Department of Apprenticeship and ETPL training to meet nationally recognized credentials for maintaining employment.

We are committed to the professional development of our students and providing them with the resources they need to achieve their educational goals. With our experienced trainers and personalized approach to instruction, we strive to give students the best learning experience possible.